Volume Control on the Keyboard

I used to use a Logitech G11 keyboard which had a useful Mute and Volume +/- buttons on it but I recently switched to a Das Keyboard which I love, but has no gimmicky buttons.

Since I like being able to control the volume without having to open the Volume Panel, I looked for a software solution.  I decided to opt of AutoHotKey and create a very small script that does the job nicely:


I can now control the volume Up / Down by pressing the Windows key (#) and toggle the mute by clicking the middle button (MButton).

You can get the script here.

One thought on “Volume Control on the Keyboard

  1. Remi Ricard says:

    Salut Eric,

    Merci pour m’avoir permis de copier les commandes !

    Maintenant il ne me reste plus qu’a ecouter de la bonne musique en codant.

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