There is no source code available for the current location

If you’ve happened to use a lib with debug information, chances are that you’ve tried to step into a function and was greeted with a pop up similar to (I’ve compiled real quick FreeImage, which is an awesome library available here, to have a lib with debug information, then moved the source elsewhere because the pdb contains the original path the source was built from):

If at this point, you press “Cancel”, you’ll be prompted with a pop up saying:

Sure, no problem.

The thing is that once this is done, anytime you’ll try to step into a function coming from the same cpp file you just canceled the look up, you’ll be prompted with the message without being able to select the file.

This is really easy to fix actually.  This setting is stored in the Solution, under the Debug Source Files panel:

Simply removing the file from the “Do not look for these source files” will re enable the file selection dialog.

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